Head of Training

Chima Erikposi became interested in forex trading about 6 years ago without prior knowledge of anything that has to do with the foreign exchange market. Being someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship and living life on his own terms, he started buying and sourcing for materials, depriving himself of sleep nights after nights.

The next couple of years he experienced firsthand all the obstacles and lessons that forex traders who eventually become successful had to go through. Especially the psychological aspects of trading and the gamut of emotions that often prompted panic buy/sell executions became part of his experience.

He also learnt how difficult it was to stick relentlessly to a strategy or system. He has so far mastered countless number of trading strategies and systems but has chosen the few that fits his personality which includes trading naked chart, trading levels, trendline strategy etc. He is an intraday and swing trader and also a full time forex trader.


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