Investment Plan

We have different Investment Opportunities available for everyone.
This investment opportunity was designed because we have realised that a lot of persons want an opportunity to earn in the forex market while they are acquiring the skill.A lot of persons are also very busy and will not have the time to trade, monitor the charts or even analyse the trade, hence we put this investment platform together. See below our investment platform.

Funds Management

Here a prospective client invests a particular amount of money and earns 10% of the investment sum on a daily basis. Minimum investment is 6 months and at the end of the investment period, the individual may wish to reinvest or get back their capital 100%.View Investment

Vacation For Life

We realise that most individuals set aside a particular amount which is used for vacation every year. Now we have provided an opportunity to invest that money with us and every year and we give you back that same money which you can now use for your vacation.View Investment

Educational Scholarship

We realise that most parents see the beginning of a new term as the most annoying period for them. This is because a good amount of money will be paid as school fees and for most parents, its not an easy burden.View Investment

Online Investment

Click on the link(s) below to download the investment form for your choice of investment. Fill out, sign and send the form to You will receive instructions on how to make payment. Also view the sample MOU as this will also be prepared and sent to you to append your signature and the soft copy (pdf) sent to you. Hard copy will also be available at our office for pick up at any time.

House Rent 4 Life

House rent payment is also a big issue for most persons especially with the rate of housing deficit in Nigeria, living in an urban area is very expensive as most persons use almost all their earnings to pay for rent.View Investment

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Our Process

At NestPoint Forex,not only do we give our clients professional Investment Opportunities. We also make sure all our clients suceed in any Investment Package they choose from us.

Choose the right Investment and start almost immediately Nestpoint Forex is the best palce to be if you want to succeed in your Forex Investment Ventiure. We also make sure you do the right thing and take the best steps to succeed.

With a Team of Professionals that are vast in the technological Development  staff of 12 members, we  provide the most powerful and real-time support and investment you have ever tried.

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  • The #1 Forex Academy in Nigeria
  • Dedicated Support Center
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  • Newbie Friendly Platform
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