What is NestPoint Forex

Nestpoint Forex is a  financial training and trading institute duly registered under the  Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA)  as NestPoint Global Services Limited with RC No 1475317

      What are the risk involved in the investment Platform?

           In Nestpoint FOREX, your investment is guaranteed because we have adequate risk management with major national and international brokerage firms.

What are the platforms in NestPoint FOREX

They are two platforms in NestPoint Forex We have the training / trading academy and investment platform.

What is the minimum deposit someone can make?

The benchmark is N100, 000, but this applies only to funds management. For other investment platforms, you invest the amount required.

Can someone have multiple accounts?

In NestPoint forex, multiple accounts are not allowed for the purpose of proper investment management and prevention of fraud. However, if you are investing for other purposes, it is allowed. This means you can do funds management, educational scholarship and house rent for life. We have a system in place to handle them separately

Is NestPoint financial investment platform available for the public?

Yes NestPoint FOREX investment platform is available to both individuals and cooperate organization.

What are the available payment modalities in Nestpoint Forex

In Nestpoint FOREX, your monthly interest is paid via bank transfer to the bank account Number  provided at the time of filling the application form.


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