House Rent For 5

Project Description

Our vision at Nestpoint Global Markets is to ensure that people do not work or do business only to spend it on paying bills especially rent, we understand that majority of Nigerians live in rented apartments and paying of rent sometimes can be a huge burden considering the high cost of housing in urban areas and other economic burdens, hence we created this special plan to help Nigerians take care of this very vital aspect of living in an urban area.

• Invest the total cost of your rent with Nestpoint Global Markets Ten (10) months before payment is due.
• NestPoint Global Markets pays you the exact amount yearly for the next three (5) years.
• Minimum investment amount is Two Hundred Thousand Naira only (NGN200,000).
• No third party involvement (No dealing with Landlord) as the money will be paid directly to your account and you thereafter pay your landlord
• No Return of Invested capital.

Project Details

  • September 2012

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