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Who we are

NestPoint Forex is a leading Forex training and investment company established in 2018 with the aim of providing Forex education and investment platforms  to individuals and corporate organizations.

We realise that a lot of people do not really know how to trade the Forex Market and hence the losses they continually incur on their accounts. A lot of persons have also ended up blowing their accounts over and over again and the trend continues. All this is because the right education has not been gotten. Forex is a skill that needs to be acquired, if its worth putting money on your table, then, it is worth learning and we believe that with proper education, people will be able to acquire the relevant knowledge to enable them trade in the Largest Financial market in the World and make good profits

At NestPoint, we provide top notch forex education and a lot of persons that have graduated from the academy are now trading Forex professionally and making a living with it.

We also realised that a lot of persons do not have the time to trade and they wish to benefit from the forex market, hence we provide other investment vehicles for people to invest and get good returns.

Some of our investment vehicles include:

  1. Funds Management
  2. Educational Scholarship
  3. House Rent For 5
  4. Online Investment
  5. Event On Us

Under the investment options, we have explained how each of those investment vehicles works

Investment Packs

Funds Management
House Rent 4 Life
Educational Scholarship
Vacation For Life

Our Team



Head of Training

Chima Erikposi became interested in forex trading about 6 years ago without prior knowledge of anything that has to do with the foreign exchange market. Being someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship and living life on his own terms, he started buying and sourcing for materials, depriving himself of sleep nights after nights.



Head of Trading/Strategy

Isioma Umeh graduated from the University of Ibadan with honours and went to work for a Financial institution for ten years. She also holds diploma in Professional ethics and is a member of Lagos chamber of Commerce and industry. She discovered the world of Forex over a year ago and has since attended and bagged Forex training Diploma internationally



Chief Executive Officer

Ernest Ukwuoma is the Founder and CEO of NestPoint Forex Academy. He has over 5 years experience in the Foreign Exchanage market. He Graduated From the Federal University of Technology Owerri and worked with a financial institution for over 5 years where he was exposed to the workings of the Foreign Exchange market


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