NestPoint Forex is a leading Forex training and investment company established in 2018 with the aim of providing Forex education and investment platforms to individuals and corporate organizations

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At NestPoint, we provide top notch forex education and a lot of persons that have graduated from the academy are now trading Forex professionally and making a living with it.

Our Basic Class runs for 4 weeks (3 days/week).We also have evening and weekend classes for the working class.

The advance class also runs for 4 weeks (3 days/week). We also have evening and weekend classes for the working class.

For the advanced class, there will also be live trading everyday especially during the London Session and also all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For Advanced class, participants must have a laptop and a smart phone. f

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I am Johnson Okonkwo. My journey in Forex has been a very interesting one. Having left school since 4 years ago, I never had a stable job, I have just been jumping from one hustle to the other, trying to make ends meet. I decided to give Forex a try, luckily  I enrolled at NestPoint after my neighbor introduced me to NestPoint Academy. I ran the Basic and Advanced class successful and now I am bold to say that Forex has changed my life. From a Room face me I slap you, I moved to a 3 bedroom flat, bought a car. I trade forex. Forex changed my life and it can change youurs too. Enroll at NestPoint today, get d right education and be on your way to living d life of ur dreams

Johnson Okonkwo,
Nestpoint Graduate

I lost my job as a banker few years ago and it was as if my world was going to crumble. I was depressed until a friend introduced me to IML and that was the beginning of my journey into Forex. Having spent few month, I realized I wasn't getting anything and my savings was going down. A friend told me about NestPoint Academy and  I enrolled and went through d classes. Now I am  very profitable and I thank God everyday that I was asked to leave my job.

Imaobong Attah,
Nestpoint Graduate

I started forex 6 years ago but never consistent with profits. Most times my analysis was on point, but yet I was still loosing, then I knew it was beyond doing analysis right, a friend told me about NestPoint and I enrolled after I had a chat with the MD and I enrolled at NestPoint Academy and after one month of working on my psychology, I am now a better trader.

Pastor Ezekiel,
Nestpoint Graduate

Having registered with IML, I was not getting anything out of the Forex market, it was just losses upon losses. A friend introduced me to NestPoint Academy, my first visit there was a real eye opener for me. For the first time in 3 months, I saw profits on my account, then I enrolled in d academy and I was really taught Forex. Now I am a very profitable trader.

Uche Nwaiwu,
Nestpoint Graduate

My name is Vincent Ibeh, a graduate of NestPoint Academy. I have started my forex journey over 8 years ago, but have never been consistent with Profits, but after coming to NestPoint Academy, I learnt a very simple trading strategy that has made me very profitable, I must say that if u really want to learn how to trade Forex, NestPoint is the place to be.

Vincent Ibeh,
Nestpoint Graduate

I am Obiageli Umeh. I was introduced to Forex through IML, but I never learnt how to trade Forex. All we learn is how to use d tools and indicators, but you can never be profitable trading forex that way, I came to NestPoint, and my eyes was opened. Now I trade Forex profitably and I am making a living off it

Obiageli Umeh,
Nestpoint Graduate

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